63 km of panoramic road between the regions of Maestrazgo and Andorra-Sierra de Arcos

A journey through a territory of indomitable beauty and marked personality in the heart of Teruel,

with nothing but the silence, the grandeur of the landscape and your desire for adventure.
Discover ...



A journey through impossible landscapes

A trip that will reveal unexplored spaces to you, unique, exceptional, authentic experiences. Unforgettable sensations.

Feel the call of silence.

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The Silent Route

The road runs like an old wrinkle by the skin of a land marked by the silence and the mystery that at first glance seems a rough and rugged territory but that soon shows to the visitor like a captivating Eden: Lonely farmhouses, narrow roads that open Trails on the stone, fragile and orphaned rivers, mountains that rise and touch the sky, orchards that clothe the courses of rivers and barranqueras, villages that perch like a mantle on the slopes or that overlook the precipice, palaces, towers, Hermitages, looms, Mills…. A landscape of balance between nature and history in a barely transformed environment.

The Silent Route cut by works
Obras carreteraThe A-1702 The silent Route will be closed for works from January 20 to February 15 (Tuesday), specifically between kilometers 47.5 and 48.5 (Cañada de Benatanduz).
There are alternative detours enabled and duly signposted:
For light vehicles:
– Signposted for Palomita path.
For heavy vehicles:
– From Villarluengo, towards Cantavieja, along the track to Tronchón (PK 39.6), to Cantavieja via Olocau del Rey.
– From Teruel to Villarluengo, via Cantavieja, Olocau del Rey and Tronchón.
The monitoring of the situation is reflected on the website:
Sorry for the inconvenience. They are working to improve.

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