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About us

The Comarca (or district) of Andorra, Sierra de Arcos and Comarca of the Maestrazgo share the route of the A-1702 road, a road which, in itself, is already a tourist attraction. In 63 kilometres, its route goes through some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes of Teruel province; it leads into an incredible heritage of natural spaces; it runs through villages with age-old history and it is necessary relish it calmly.

Being aware of this, we have placed great value on it and we want to make it known.  And so, THE SILENT ROUTE was born, a panoramic road where the important thing is to enjoy, drive slowly to feel the greatness of the landscapes that you are going to encounter, stop in each village, and get excited with this natural, spectacular view. In short, practice “slowdriving” and let yourself be captivated by all the sensations that this road offers.  No matter what vehicle you drive, the low-volume traffic and the silence will allow you to enjoy it in any of them.

Don’t hesitate, if you want a complete experience, take THE SILENT ROUTE.


Photography: Antonio Delgado,  Archivo comarcas Andorra-Sierra de Arcos y Maestrazgo, José Luis Lagares.

Videos: Víctor Martínez Martí

Texts: Técnicas de Cultura y Turismo de las comarcas de Andorra-Sierra de Arcos y Maestrazgo.

Website development: PRAMES

This website has been made possible thanks to the contribution of the Comarcas of the Maestrazgo and Andorra Sierra de Arcos, of Fondo de Inversiones de Teruel (FITE) and of the Government of Aragon.

Contact data

C/ Las tres Bailías, 7, 44140 Cantavieja (Teruel)
(T) 964 185 242
E-mail: turismo@comarcamaestrazgo.org

Calle Candela, 2, 44500 Andorra (Teruel)
(T) 978 844 336
E-mail: turismoycultura@andorrasierradearcos.com

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