Nacimiento del río Pitarque

  2. Nacimiento del río Pitarque

The adventure begins on the way, full of perfumes and bushes. Parallel to this, in meanders and waterfalls, runs a mighty river that ambushes itself in the undergrowth and flows vertiginously with its melody of water and trills. When the panoramic view arrives, it is unbeatable: the mystery of the water that flows from the rock, its boiling water that plummets in a cascade, the thousands of tonalities it acquires. An enjoyment for the senses.

The closed configuration of the relief and the abundant water supply that this stretch of the Pitarque River valley enjoys provide favourable climatic conditions of humidity and thermicity for the development of a rich and varied plant landscape. The fauna of Pitarque, as well as the flora, is varied and interesting, including the common trout, the otter and the river crayfish, as well as the griffon vulture and the mountain goat.

Declared a Natural Monument by the Government of Aragon in 2009, it is also included in the ZEPA protection figures “Río Guadalope – Maestrazgo” and LIC “Muelas y Estrechos del río Guadalope”.

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