Estrechos de Valloré

They say that the secret of the journey is the journey itself, that conquest matters little, that it sometimes causes disappointment. With Valloré, that won’t happen to him: the culmination is as wonderful as the traffic. Everything there is a concert for the senses: the sound of water breaking through the narrow strait, the vertical walls wanting to reach the sky, the embedded valley that is kept a secret. All of this produces sensations that run through the heart and unleash happiness.

Before reaching Montoro de Mezquita the Guadalope makes its way through the vertical limestone strata through the narrowest and narrowest part of its entire route. The Valloré well is a spectacular pit just three metres wide and almost 200 metres long, open between walls over 100 metres high. After this narrow space, the valley opens up to offer a narrow but fertile orchard, which is once again surrounded by numerous gorges and gorges up to the Santolea reservoir.

The area is included in the ZEPA protection figures “Río Guadalope – Maestrazgo” and LIC “Muelas y Estrechos del río Guadalope”.

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