If The Silent Route has become famous for anything, it is because of its curves, and if anyone likes curves, it is bikers, among whom it has become very popular. Going through it and enjoying it has become a “must”, an essential duty. You have to be willing to stop as many times as necessary, because every curve, every bend in the road, holds a surprise. Impossible ravines, villages perched on hillocks, vertiginous viewpoints, infinite landscapes, farmhouses, fortified towers, natural monuments… Above all, enjoy looking out at the viewpoints, those that exist on the road itself, those with villages hidden in their streets and those to which you have to deviate a bit. Worth. And stroll through the streets, try the gastronomy, buy the products of the area or simply have a coffee or a drink before continuing the route. And don’t forget to ask for your sticker, so everyone knows you’ve ridden The Silent Route.

Establishments where to ask for your sticker:

  • Hotel Venta de la Pintada (Gargallo)
  • Los Alcores, shop (Gargallo)
  • Casa Rural María Teresa (Ejulve)
  • Casa Rural y restaurante Mirador del Maestrazgo (Ejulve)
  • Alimentación Tere (Ejulve)
  • Comercio Cárnicas Ortín (Ejulve)
  • Bar Carretera (Ejulve)
  • Bar El Portal de la Silent (Ejulve)
  • Casa El Bailador (Montoro de Mezquita)
  • La posada de Pitarque
  • Bar Lucía (Pitarque)
  • Comercio Tradi (Pitarque)
  • Fonda Josefina (Villarluengo)
  • Fonda Villarluengo
  • Comercio Neavi (Villarluengo)
  • Comercio Jamones el Rullo (Villarluengo)
  • Centro de Interpretación de la Naturaleza y la Cabra Montés (Villarluengo)
  • Multiservicio La Vega (Cañada de Benatanduz)
  • Bar Restaurante 4 Vientos (Cantavieja)
  • Bar Gasolinera (Cantavieja)
  • Hotel Balfagón (Cantavieja)
  • La Posada (Cantavieja)
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