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How to get to The Silent Route.

THE SILENT ROUTE extends for 63 km between the municipalities of Gargallo, to the North, and of Cantavieja, to the South, both in Teruel province, southeast of the triangle formed by the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

The kilometric distances to the nearest cities are:

From El Cuarto Pelado (The Silent Route South):
Valencia 183 km.
Castellón de la Plana 114Km.
Morella 50 km.
Teruel 81 km.
Cantavieja  9km.

From La Venta de la Pintada (The Silent Route North)
Zaragoza  134 km
Teruel 102km.
Alcañiz 50 km.
Barcelona 282 Km


Oficina comarcal de turismo Comarca Andorra Sierra de Arcos
Paseo de las minas s/n
44500 Andorra-Teruel
978 880 927

Oficina de Turismo de Cantavieja
C/ Mayor 14
44140 Cantavieja – Teruel


The nearest rail stations to The Silent Route are:
La Puebla de Híjar (sólo regionales). Tfno.: 978 826 315
Castellón (Grandes líneas y AVE).
Zaragoza  (Grandes Líneas y AVE).
Renfe Tfno.: 902 240 202


The nearest airports are those of
Castellón:  Tfno.: 964 578 600
Zaragoza:  Tfno.: 902 404 704
Valencia:   Tfno.: 91 321 10 00


The bus companies operating in the zone are:
Hife: 902 119 814
Altaba: 964 441 042


Taxi Eliseo (Andorra) tfno.: 656 363 017
Taxi Becerra (Andorra) tfno.: 689480825