Under the majestic presence of impregnable cuttings, the Guadalope River seeks a hollow space to cross the great wall that constitutes the Organs of Montoro, a miracle of nature and a magnificent example of the patient erosion of the water.

No one goes unnoticed by this architecture invented in the rock, this stone trumpet, this forceful and vertical clamour. The vertical escarpments and sharp ridges that mark the road reach their maximum splendour here, leaving before us panoramic views that leave us speechless and where any photograph will be insufficient.

Declared a Natural Monument by the Government of Aragon in 2010, it is also included in the ZEPA protection figures “Río Guadalope – Maestrazgo” and LIC “Muelas y Estrechos del río Guadalope”.

More information (Spanish): http://turismomaestrazgo.org/que-ver/villarluengo/organos-de-montoro-villarluengo/

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