­­­In 1944 in the Valley of Arán the operation “Reconquest of Spain” failed, carried out by Spanish republicans who had fought against the Nazisin France. Some of them reached the Iberian mountains to rebuild the resistance against Francoism, forming, together with native guerrillas in April 1946 the Guerrilla Group of Levante y Aragón whose line of action was located in the Maestrazgo.

 From that time on, the actions of greater impact were carried out. In February 1948 on the slope of “Los Degollaos” between Ejulve and Montoro, the assault of the line bus that covered the route from Alcorisa to Cantavieja took place, the famous “Caimán”, which covered THE SILENT ROUTE, resulting in a shooting with the pair of the “Guardia Civil” that, as was the case every day, made the journey mixed among the passengers.

 This line continues operating every day from Monday to Friday, and it is still carried out by a bus of the Altaba company, today still called “El Caimán” in memory of that old bus.

More information (Spanish): http://historiadeejulve.blogspot.com.es/2018/02/

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