7 kilometres from Villarluengo in the direction of Ejulve is the “Las Fábricas”zone. In1789, a paper factory was installed in this place that utilized water of the Guadalope River. It was the property of the Temprado family, and it was the first continuous paper factory that existed in Aragon and in Spain, being a model of its type and the latest in technology of the era. In it, continuous paper, envelopes, lined books and paper currency; thus, almost all the production went to Madrid, on the backs of 16 donkeys, who were on the payroll along with the 4 muleteers, to supply several Ministries. It took them one month to go there and return, and on their return, they collected rags for the manufacture of rag paper.

The factory passed to the famiy Bonet de Villarluengo, who converted it into a textile factory, adapting it to the production of girdles. They were succeeded by the family Artola, who installed 24 looms and installed electrical lighting, the second of the province (the first was the one in Teruel). Later on, the number of looms increased to 46, they built more factories (“De Arriba”(Upper), “de En medio”(In Middle) and “De Abajo”(Lower), houses for the owners, management and workers, that came to be 200 from the surrounding villages, as well as shops, school, bakery and a chapel.

The production adapted to the needs of the moment; thus, during the first World War, the main production was chilabas for the legionnaires of Africa and red caps that were sold in Rabat.

After the Civil War, insecurity and low profitability led to the end of the factories, closing in 1958.

In 1974 the “Enmedio” factory was converted into “Hostal de la Trucha”, with around 70 rooms, and it is still in operation.

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