El Cuarto Pelado starts at a crossroads. The surrounding area is the result of the cold, as it is one of the highest places of the route. The hills that are around it are often covered with snow and, when the sun pours its rays on them, it produces an intense feeling of well-being in those who have the fortune to enjoy those moments.

La muela Monchén

From the observation point, we can see how La Muela Monchén which is crowned with an intricate promontory of pines with trails and roads running through it. On its slope numerous farmhouses, still full of life, take refuge, blessed by the morning sunlight.

Dehesas observation point

Stopping at the Las Dehesas observation point always takes more time than is planned. We are awed by the meadows, the forests, the mountains. And in the misty mornings, it is even more imposing; we see it at our feet, protecting with its thickness the life that moves under its protection.

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