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El GR 8.1

GR 8 is a long-distance foot path that crosses the south of Teruel. It has two alternative routes, of which, GR 8.1 consists of seven stages, some 100km. that run in large part, parallel to THE SILENT ROUTE.

  • Stretch Molinos-Ejulve: 14,9 km. Medium difficulty.


  • Stretch Ejulve-Villarluengo: 21,8 km. High difficulty.


  • Stretch Villarluengo- Pitarque: 7,3km. Medium difficulty


  • Stretch Pitarque-Cañada de Benatanduz. 13,9 km. High difficulty


  • Stretch Cañada de Benatanduz-Fortanete: 10,1 km. Medium difficulty


Journey Villarluengo – Montoro – Pitarque “A vista de buitre” (PR TE 9)

Length: 24 km. Circular to do in several stages.

Intense circular crossing to be carried out in three trekking days, combining it with other interesting walks in the towns that are crossed. The stretch between Villarluengo and Montoro de Mezquita is the one that goes through the ancient pilgrimage of San Marcos to the hermitage of San Pedro de la Roqueta. The stage between Montoro and Pitarque also allows you to visit the cave paintings of Cantalar. Finally, the stage between Pitarque and Villarluengo (GR 8.1) crosses large natural areas, the tower of Montesanto and the ruins of the convent of the same name.


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