Near THE SILENT ROUTE, in Las Planas de Castellote, a small winery produces delicious wines.

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Additionally, to the north of THE SILENT ROUTE, the highly-valued Extra Virgin olive oil is also produced, made from olives of the Empeltre and Royal variety.

Apadrina un olivo

In the spring of 2014, a group of young entrepreneurs linked to Oliete launched the social initiative “Sponsor an olive tree”, a project that combines sustainable rural development and new technologies for the recovery of the abandoned centennial olive grove in the municipality of Oliete, very a few kilometers north of THE SILENT ROUTE. The project offers the possibility of sponsoring an olive tree for a year for 50 euros in order to recover the more than 15,000 olive trees abandoned due to depopulation and the progressive abandonment of agricultural activities. Through the recovery of the olive grove, the aim is to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint thanks to the capture of CO2 by the trees, generating jobs, promoting environmental education for those involved -the entire process, both the cultivation and the The production of oil is carried out through mechanisms that respect the environment, recovering the traditional landscape of Oliete as well as the oil mill, and even promoting tourism with visits from godparents. The godparents, in exchange for their financial contribution -which is destined to the pruning, tillage and specialized care of these trees to ensure that they return to full production-, in addition to contributing to the aforementioned general objectives, can name their olive tree , receive photographs and an accrediting certificate and even follow the evolution of your tree through the website, social networks and the mobile application “Mi Olivo”, in addition to receiving as a gift 2 liters of extra virgin olive oil per year produced with the olives from the recovered olive grove.

Three years later they have already recovered 5,200 olive trees, built a new oil mill and created 6 permanent jobs.


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