In the villages of THE SILENT ROUTE the patron saint festivals are the most important of the entire year. Standing out among many of the acts and activities carried out are the championships of guiñote, chupinazos, las charangas, popular dinners, the children’s parks, the processions and offerings of flowers to the patron saints, the popular rondallas, the jotas, the orchestras and outdoor discos, and the popular running of cattle and “toros embolados”.

In Villarluengo celebrations are inhonourof San Bartolomé and Virgen del Monte Santo, in the days around 24 and 25 August.

In Ejulve they are celebrated around 8 September in honour of the Nativity of the Virgin and the most notable act is he Baptism of the Virgin or“melocotonada”, as peaches are thrown at the attendees from the windows of the town hall.

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