Viewpoint of the Campillo (Gargallo)

It is located at an altitude of about 1,100 meters, halfway along the PR-TE-93 trail that connects Ejulve with Gargallo. It can also be accessed from the Silent Route, at kilometer 5.5 along a path in good condition that passes next to the Campillo aerodrome and is signposted.

The extensive plain of the ejulvina moorland abruptly breaks off to the west to give way to the Escuriza river valley in its first meters of life. The path that reaches the viewpoint runs along the edge of said paramera. From there you can see the extensive and valuable pine forest through which the discreet Escuriza River flows. To the right, the view leads us following the course of the river to the small town of Gargallo. The magnificent forest that covers the slope gives way to crop fields and small orchards that line the river as it approaches the town. Behind us, the ever-ubiquitous Majalinos peak in these parts, with its 1601m. Although a fire destroyed its magnificent blanket of pine forests, it still retains that magic of snowy peaks where clouds and rain are trapped. From there come the icy winds that carefully cure the hams, processed meats and cheeses that make Ejulve and Gargallo famous.

We recommend a visit to the viewpoint at the end of April and the beginning of May when thousands of prawns bloom on the moorland, flooding every corner with flowers. You will also be able to listen to the song of the ricotí lark, a bird in danger of extinction, which inhabits these moors.

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