I.C. Nature and the Mountain Goat

To get to know the wealth of hunting in the region, especially the mountain goat, you can see some of the most important trophies obtained in the Maestrazgo mountains. We talk about the vulture or the red rocker, the groves with the otter, the kingfisher, the native crab and also the area of the kermes oak, the gall oak and guillomo and the pine forest.

A model reconstructs one of the ways of life and exploitation of the most characteristic territory of the Maestrazgo mountains, the farmhouse. In the heart of nature, we will receive guidance on the hiking routes that best suit our tastes. On the other hand, on the ground floor there is a multipurpose room where exhibitions, conferences and other cultural events are held.

C.I. de la Guerra Civil y Costumbres “Miguel Gargallo”

In a magnificent building next to the church, a sample of the popular architecture, to which an old furnace is added, is housed an important collection of pieces from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries owned by the Gargallo family, as well as numerous and interesting material related to the Spanish Civil War.  to which the fourth floor is completely dedicated: maps and plans of the period, propaganda posters of both sides, war parties and more than 300 original objects of the civil war such as uniforms, tools, ammunition, bayonets, dioramas, helmets, gas masks, and other curiosities.

More information: http://www.turismoandorrasierradearcos.com/museos_guerra_civil.php

Maestrazgo visitors centre in Ejulve

Located in the old Ejulve Hospital building.  Tourist information point and gateway to the Maestrazgo Cultural Park.

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