Among the winter festivals,those celebrated in honour of San Antonio Abad are very important, with advocation connected to the protection of animals than man has at his service. The fire of the hearth is the focal point and the animals are blessed. In Villarluengo it is celebrated the Saturday closest to 17 January. Ejulve also celebrates Antón with a great bonfire in the square, around which the residents later have dinner.

Note: The Encamisada de Estercuel, the enchantment and the magic of fire

Very near the start of THE SILENT ROUTE is the locality of Estercuel.  There every year, the weekend nearest to 19 January, the festival of Sanantones is celebrated in which the procession of “La Encamisada” stands out, in which the festival-goers, mounted on their horses, run through the streets of the village avoiding the fires. The festival is completed with a series of ceremonies.



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